Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus Expresses its Stance on the Immigration Bills SB 2040/HB 7089

We Are FL Week of Action 023



René García, Chairman of Hispanic Caucus

(850) 487-5106



Illegal immigration is a serious issue facing both Florida and the United States.  As members of the Hispanic Caucus we understand the need for and encourage reform, but unfortunately SB 2040/HB 7089, relating to “Enforcement of Immigration Laws”, are not sensible solutions.  The country as a whole must tackle the issue of illegal immigration and deal with this issue by enacting uniform, comprehensive and common-sense legislation.

The Hispanic Caucus does not support Arizona-type legislation that has the strong potential of profiling a certain group of individuals and provides for warrantless arrests.  We appreciate the bill sponsors’ intentions, but know that HB 7089/SB 2040 will not accomplish itsintended or our ultimate goals without racially profiling and harassing a certain segment of the population who has arrived in the United States for the same individual liberties that many of our family members did.

We are in agreement with some portions of SB 2040/HB 7089 such as ensuring employers do all they can to ensure they have a legal workforce by using the e-verify program or some acceptable alternative, and increased cooperation amongst law enforcement agencies.  However, we cannot sit idly by and allow local law enforcement officers to act as federal immigration officers.  This would lead to distrust, animosity, and increased tension between residents and local law enforcement.  Moreover, we have concerns regarding double jeopardy andother basic tenets of our justice system.


The Hispanic Caucus looks forward to continue working on immigration reform, but at this time we cannot support measures such as SB 2040/HB 7089.

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One Response to “Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus Expresses its Stance on the Immigration Bills SB 2040/HB 7089”
  1. Victor Lombard says:

    I hope the new breed of radical Republicans are soon voted out so we can replace them with legislators that are willing deal with immigration in a humane and responsible manner. More importantly, it needs to give non citizens the same opportunities that immigrants wishing to become Americans have been afforded by this great nation for centuries. Immigration is what made us a super power and turning our back on that great AMERICAN tradition is shooting ourselves in the foot.

    God Bless.

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